The Struggle of Spiritual Growth

The Struggle of Spiritual Growth


[Spiritual growth is characterized by as much struggle as is physical growth, yet Jesus does not leave us helpless.]

Baby Abby kicked her adorable little legs and reached out with her arms. I watched as she struggled until her legs were bent up under her torso, and she tried pushing up with her arms.

I voiced the obvious, “She will be crawling before long. She wants that toy.” The toy was just beyond her reach, and she was reaching for it and squealing. She struggled to get her legs to push her forward at the same time her arms went forward. She reminded me of a butterfly garden my husband and I visited. There were thousands of butterflies in every stage of development. New butterflies kicked and struggled to get their wings free from the cocoons. The growth process means struggle.

Sometimes we get irritated with ourselves and others when we are not flying as high or running has fast as we think we should. Maybe there is a certain toy [read goal/achievement/job/etc.] we have failed to reach yet. My friend, Jesus knows the path we take. He has ordained our growth so that we will come out of our growth process looking like Him. He is the author and finisher of our faith! He loves us more than we even understand. He knows what we need and when we need it.

The problem then becomes this: Have we asked forgiveness for looking at other things instead of Him today? Are we doing the last thing He showed us to do? Have we experienced His reassuring love today?

Living every day in the Holy Spirit realm is foreign to our fallen nature, and Jesus just loves to see us growing in His realm. I feel like Jesus just watches us sometimes as we try to live by His Words and ways. He waits for us to notice He is watching, and maybe He thinks, “She is getting it, look!” “He is figuring out He needs me—I love that!” “Aw, she recognizes what my presence feels like—precious.” “He is yielding his heart to my desires—that so blesses Me.” “Oh, she wants to spend time with me—that just melts My heart!”

Be encouraged friend; Jesus has given us His Spirit to lead, guide, and comfort us. Struggle just is part of the growth.

To see some things that hinder spiritual growth click on my post, Five Things that Choke Spiritual Growth.


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