Do Not Blur Your Focus

This is a brilliant post I have been thinking about all day, so I decided to share it with you guys.

In Focus

Do Not Blur Your Focus

Making the most of time available is critical if we are to become renowned in the kingdom. Great people make time; good people find time; mediocre people waste time. Some people’s use of time borders on the criminal. It is a resource more important than money. Saying “no” so that our “yes” becomes more significant is vital to our lifestyle.

Focus determines our level of power and influence. Whatever has the capacity to keep our attention has influence over us. Focus directs our energy. When our heart is focused on God, we develop stamina as we are occupied with Him.

There is one cast-iron certainty about people that will always be true. Given the choice, they will always do exactly what they want to do. Whenever people bleat that they have no time for something, it is usually that they have no passion for it or they need to say…

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