Cynthia K. Johnson is a minister, leader, seminar speaker, and writer. She has taught in public and private schools, helped to start and lead a private school, and been the director of a faith-based women’s rehabilitation center. Rev. Johnson is a former associate pastor of the Spokane Dream Center church, and has ministered in various churches across the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education/English from Eastern Washington University, a Masters of Divinity, and a Doctor of Church Ministries and Leadership from Oral Roberts University.

Dr. Johnson is passionate about equipping people with practical skills to succeed in life and grow in intimacy with Jesus. When not studying, ministering, or writing, she likes to travel, take photographs, scrapbook, and visit family living in the mountains of southern Oregon and on the emerald beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast. She has been married to Howard E. Johnson for 23 years and has three grown daughters and three grandchildren. She is currently writing a three-book series.


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