“You are Rocking and Not Going Anywhere” Deliverance From Worry


The background of the old painted boardsI posted a challenge yesterday to our Deeper Walk Ministry Facebook friends for each to ask for a Holy Spirit revelation. Well, when you ask or pray for another, guess what? It happens to you! So, this is the revelation that came to me yesterday: I realized I am a worrier. I did not know I was a worrier. I know I am a prayer warrior, but not a worrier. What a shock. I had watched a Joyce Meyer video where she just mentioned worry being like a rocking chair. You rock and rock but never go anywhere. She said, “Somehow we think if we think about things long enough and hard enough, our minds will figure things out.” Well, those very words popped back into my head yesterday.

I had been fasting and praying diligently about an issue, but that morning I could not do anything else that I had to do. I was hindered all around by my worried thoughts. Oh, I told myself I was in prayer, but really the times I was not praying, I was worrying. So much so, that the problem seemed larger than life, larger than any other thing I was trying to accomplish, and even things God ordained for me to do. Then the thought came to me, “You are worrying, you are rocking and not going anywhere.”

I had always wondered why other people could still function when serious problems came their way, and I seemed to be consumed by those things. Well, the Lord showed me I was a worrier. How about that. I repented of my bad habit, and in a blink, the load was lifted! Gone! I was able to get tons of things done, and still be sensitive to pray when thoughts to pray came, but not worry! What a revelation!

I am very excited about my deliverance from worry! Now that I know what I was doing, I have to continue to practice this revelation. Maybe my experience can help someone else along the way!


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“Did You Learn to Love?”

564676_518863361553045_50167720_nI acutely remember this testimony today because we got call to prayer for a friend in a serious accident. So, as I remember the truths of testimony, I want to share with you all as well. There are many things we do not understand about the nature of God or the spiritual realm, but consider the testimony of Bob Jones:

I was in pain on the earth, and blood was shooting out of my mouth like a geyser. And all of a sudden, I wasn’t in pain anymore. This Man, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, stood by my side, and we started walking. And as we walked, I saw a Man who was white light. All white light was around Him, but He was the whitest of all white lights. He had His hands out. As I came into that white light, there came a feeling over me like I had never known before. I asked the Man beside me, “What is that?”

The Man (Holy Spirit) said, “It is the love of God.” I said, “It’s just so wonderful. It’s so glorious.” And He said, “That’s what it is—it’s the glory of God.” I said, “How can it be both?” It’s in John 17—the love I had with the Father, the glory I had with the Father.
So that was the greatest experience I have ever had. Just enveloped in His glorious love. That’s possible down here. The glory of God is coming, and it is going to be in His glorious love.

I noticed another group of people on my left side, and they had what looked like a conveyor belt underneath them. They were wrapped up in all different kinds of things. I looked at them and I asked this Man, “Why are they wrapped up that way?” And He said, “They are wrapped up in the earth with their gods.” It’s the gods they worshiped on the earth that followed them into death. They were on their way to hell with their gods. I saw a man wrapped up in dollar bills. I saw a man wrapped up in his sod or grass; his yard was his god. I saw a man that had no body; he was just one big head. He was an atheist, and he worshiped himself; he was his own god and going to hell with it.
I saw many things people worshiped on the earth that they are going to spend eternity with. Well, I worshiped the Lord, and I am going to spend eternity with Him. But these others who don’t are going to spend eternity in total darkness with their god. And their gods will be their tormentors, not for 100,000 years, but for eternity.

So I looked at that line. It was so horrible. Everyone in the line recognized Him. Their eyes got big. Everyone who is going to hell has had a witness in one way or another tell them that there is a God. And every one of them willingly denied Him. For each two in the line that I was in, there were 98 in the other line.

I watched the Lord speak to people who were coming there. He asked them only one question: “Did you learn to love?” He’s not going to ask you what you did. If you learn to love, you are going to do what is right. Did you learn to love? He asked them that question and they said, “Yes, Lord,” and He kissed them right on the lips and embraced them, and the double doors of His heart opened and they went right in.
Some had a lot of angels with them and they would go on in [to heaven]. The angels went too because they had testimonies; they helped people do things on the earth. Angels have no testimony until they help you do something. We are the ones who will judge angels by their rewards for what they helped us do. They are more willing to help you do something than you are willing to submit and let them help you do it.

As I came close to the Lord, I was thinking, I learned to love. I’m OK. I’m going home. As I did, He held His hand up to me and said, “No, I want you to go back.” I told Him, “It was too hard to get here. I don’t want to [go back] because I wasn’t doing any good there.” He said, “You are a liar, because you spoke My words, and My words will always bring it to pass.” I said, “Well, nobody was believing it, and it was painful.” He said, “Yes, and you have a cowardly nature too. Up there, it’s about the truth. But you love. You had a heart for souls. I want you to go back. If you look at that line over there and then tell me you want to come in, I will bring you in.”
I looked at that line and looked at their faces and said I would go back for one. I would go back and spend a day on a cross for one. He said, “I’m not sending you back for that. I’m sending you back to wake up the church because I am going to bring a billion youth to Myself in one of the greatest waves of all times. I’m going to honor Myself beyond anything that man can imagine. I want you to go back and touch the church and speak to the church of what I am going to do in these last days.” So I told Him I would go back.

I came back. I thought that when I came back into my body, I would be healed. As I came back, I saw two of the biggest angels I have ever seen. I know who they are. They are the resurrection angels. And I saw the death spirit as he left when I came back in.
When I went back into the body, I wasn’t healed. The pain was there, and I couldn’t understand why. I was gone from my body probably for about three hours. The pain was there, and I said, “What’s going on, Lord?” And then I heard a phone ring. And I saw people answering the phone and they were saying, “Bob Jones needs prayer.”

They started praying, and I felt better. It was Friday. People kept praying; the prayers kept increasing and increasing. And then people came over and prayed for me that night until the pain was hardly there.
On Saturday at 3 a.m., the last person stopped praying for me. I could see who was praying for me. The pain was coming back and I thought, Boy, it’s going to be a long time.

And then I saw an old sister who wasn’t highly thought of in the church because she didn’t take very many baths. She always sat in the last seat in back of the church. She got up early in the morning and cleaned offices for a living. Her phone rang, and she answered it. She got up at 3 a.m. and started praying for me, and I went to sleep.

She had to go to work at 5 a.m., and others began to pray for me, so Saturday was pretty good. People came over Saturday and I thought, Well, I know He sent me back down here to live. Prayer and intercession sure made the difference.
That night the pain was there until about 3 a.m., and all the other prayers ended except hers. She got up and prayed for me again; she didn’t have to work on Sundays. She prayed for me until about 7 a.m. [When she stopped praying], it was the worst time because there was no prayer. People were going to church.

And it was really bad until about 10:05 a.m. At 10:00, Viola asked me, “How are you doing?” I told her I was worse than I had ever been. I was swelling and couldn’t even get out of bed. At 10:05, I became totally normal, totally delivered. I got up and we went to church, and I testified of it.

I found out the value of prayer. And I found out the value of not having an opinion about saints. I found out the value of ministry, that one saint was able to void all of it so I could sleep.

These words were spoken by Bob Jones at a 2006 conference in Albany, OR. Jones went home to be with the Lord on Feb. 14 of this year after more than four decades of prophetic ministry.


I Want That Friend to Help Me

As our two grand kids (ages 3 and 6) were playing in the sand box, my husband and I were sharing with them how our friend Jesus is far away in heaven, but He is also our friend who is with us all the time to help. A little later they were playing in our boat; and as I looked at little Kole, he was shivering and his bottom lip was quivering. He whimpered, “I’m scared.” My husband reminded them they had a friend to help them when they were afraid. Kole said, “I want that friend to help me.” Haley, chimed in, “You have to ask.” I added, “yes, that is how it works, you have to ask.” So we asked Jesus to help Kole not to be afraid. Then as three-year-old boys do, he got distracted by the gadgets on the boat. I noticed he wasn’t quivering anymore, and asked if he was still afraid, or if it was gone. He smiled and said, “It’s all gone.” Haley’s eyes got big as she looked at me and grandpa, “It worked!” she shrieked.

“Don’t be afraid,” Jesus said. “Take courage. I am here! ” (Matt 14:27)

Jesus had sent the disciples ahead of Him in a boat to cross the lake. They were about three miles out when a ferocious storm developed. Jesus saw the disciples frantically rowing against the wind and waves and walked out to them—on the water. But the disciples did not recognize it was Jesus. They did not recognize that Jesus had come to rescue them, to bring peace to their situation. The disciples had just earlier that day seen Jesus feed five thousand plus people with five loaves of bread and two fish. But at this point, they still did not understand how Jesus was always concerned about their well being and was always near when they needed help.

Jesus reassured them, “Don’t be afraid,” “Take courage. I am here!” Jesus is the living God who is far away, yet as close as a whisper of help. He is interested in your life and your situation. For God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Yet, sometimes we forget to ask for His help. Brother Lawrence continually asked for help all throughout the day. He practiced the habit of constant fellowship with Jesus, so much so, that his times of prayer were no different than his times of work. He lived in a constant 24/7 awareness of the presence of his friend, Jesus.

Back in our boat, Haley was excited that we asked Jesus for help and He answered. And we were excited that our grand kid’s faith was strengthened in the ever-present Friend who is always near to help! He is near to help you today, but don’t forget to ask!

We would love for you to share your stories when something awesome happens because you asked for Jesus’ help!

jesus in boat

Believe: The Work God Asks of Us

This verse hit hard in my spirit this morning, and I want to share especially for all the type A personalities, and those like me, who seem to strive to earn God’s approval and favor. We have somehow believed we must do something to earn God’s happy favor and approval. We believe, even if unconsciously, we have to do this, or do that, or the other thing to make God (and others) happy with us. We do not want to be perceived as one who doesn’t love “truth.” And we do love Him so much that our spirit struggles and struggles against this invisible, indescribable “thing” that keeps us from soaring in our Beloved’s true love.

“Jesus replied, THIS is the work (service) that God asks of you: that you believe in the One Whom He has sent” [that you cleave to, trust, rely on, and have faith in His Messenger] (John 6:29 AMP).

This doesn’t mean just the one time at our new birth! This is continually! Everyday! This is the work I must do today, believe in His love for me; believe He has my interests at His heart; believe He is leading me; believe His voice and presence; believe Him, even when it contradicts culture or traditions of men! This is freedom!

This is not everyone’s story, but I have worked and worked most of my life doing things for God, or so I thought. Some things I know without a doubt, God ordained and led or told me to do specifically. For example, I was teaching in a women’s rehabilitation program, and one day as I was walking down the hall on the second story, with the light shining through the window at the end of the hall, I heard faintly, “I’m going to make you director of this program.” I stopped in my tracks, in what I hate to admit was a bit of unbelief. A few months went by and while I was out of town, my husband heard the director was stepping down and mentioned my name to the pastors in charge. When I returned from my trip, I was hired. I felt like I was in way over my head, but God was so real and present with directions for each step of the way. He supplied every need miraculously. Then after a few years passed and I had overseen the renovation of a new building and other such miraculous things in the program, the Lord spoke clearly, “Your time here is up.” He gave me a vision of the person who was to replace me, and thus forward, I began the transition. I know those works were of God, inspired by God, directed by God.

But there are other works I’m not so sure about. Earlier, I started a Christian school, with the help of other educators. As I look back, I’m not sure it was ordained by God. I know we all wanted a Christian school, and I got caught up in the excitement of the idea at the time, but I sincerely repent that I did not take the time to seek God’s sure direction. I know at the first opportune time, I beseeched the Lord that I may leave, and He granted me leave.believe

All our works will be tested to see if they are born of God or born of the flesh, and those born of the flesh will be consumed with fire (1 Cor 10-15; John 15). And not just the big things, but all the little things we do every day. All will be tested to see if they are born of God’s Spirit. It will be interesting to see how much of what we have done will be consumed with fire and were completely useless.

As dramatic and scary as this sounds, it is really very simple. ALL I have to do is continually believe, rely on, trust in, and cling to my precious Lord in every circumstance in order to distinguish between the works of my flesh and the works of my Beloved! This is the work God asks of me: to pursue believing, trusting, and knowing Him more intimately! All else will fall into perfect alignment!

May You Experience His Abundant Presence Continually!


Strategies for a Successful Christmas Holiday

candles [Helpful strategies for a successful Christmas holiday.]

It is that time of year again when conversations turn to where, how, and with whom we will spend the holidays. The season is supposed to be all peace, love, and joy, but for many just the thought of a family get-together can bring feelings of fear and dread. Here are seven tips for getting rid of fear and dread to make this holiday a successful event for all involved. Success begins with preparation.

Ask for Help. We must admit we cannot walk in love without the love of God. We cannot be happy without the goodness of God. We cannot have a successful holiday event by our own power or will. We need help in preparations and relationships. Our Lord will guide in every way if we ask. His direction is key to success.

Prayer. The Lord will show you specific things to pray about, for example, what to buy, what to fix, what to say. I have had people say to me, “How did you know to say that?” “This is the perfect gift,” “I was thinking of this dish,” etc. The Lord will also lead you in how to pray for the people and the event. In one instance, the Lord showed me how to pray for a family member with an eating disorder. At other times, I have been lead to bind hindering spirits that cause confusion, disunity, and disharmony. In my experience, events that are bathed in prayer end much differently than those without. Just try it.

Find Peace, Love, and Joy. Much personal success in handling holiday events begins with one’s own heart and emotional healing. At some point one must stop hiding behind the chocolate cake and allow Jesus to heal our heart of trigger issues. In a time of quiet prayer, bring each person who will be at the event to mind, and pray for them. If you do not feel peace, love, and joy about a person, ask the Lord to show you why. There may be something you will need to forgive. Ask the Lord what you need to do to get to peace, love, and joy with that person. Do your part and then ask the Lord to heal your memories and emotions. He will bring peace and healing to the wound. If this is extremely painful, find a minister or counselor to help.

Decide Not to Get Offended. Regardless of who skips out on washing dishes, or who makes off-the-wall comments, or who brings up sensitive issues, decide not to be offended. This holiday event is not the time to deal with irritations or past issues. Make a mental note to deal with past issues at a later date, then give it to Jesus. If we trust Him to take care of us and that person, we can live in peace.

Manage Expectations. Many have expectations that are not based in reality. Some people have an idealistic view of what Thanksgiving or Christmas should look like, and when it does not measure up, they get disappointed. Where did our ideal come from? Also, we moms have to accept that our grown children may have to rotate holidays with other in-laws. Nobody’s family is perfect, and no holiday is perfect, but God will move in the midst of our holiday if we ask Him! Give yourself a break and do not pressure yourself to be “happy” or “perfect.” Just relax, be thankful, and notice the small things, like the small bubbles floating on top of your hot coco.

The Best Thing That Happened. I was recently at an event where ten ladies were all around a table for dinner, and conversation was scarce. A friend of mine challenged each lady at the table to share the best thing that had happened to her in the past year. What a grand idea that was! Everyone was included and got to share a part of her life with the others. This time of sharing our blessings spurred other conversation, and changed the course of the evening. Why not try this simple idea at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

What God Told Me. Sometimes, you do everything right and things just don’t work out like you wish. A few years back, it seemed nothing was working out and I cried out to the Lord, “I am just disappointed.” I felt His tremendous love embrace me as I heard in my heart, “People will disappoint you, but I will never disappoint you.” Just know that people have pressures and problems unrelated to you, and sometimes you may be disappointed, but you can always fall into the arms of your Savior who will be your comforter and encourager. He is always there and will never disappoint.

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30 Days of Thankfulness (Ideas For Being Thankful)


I have challenged readers to record, in their own way, something for which they are thankful daily in the month of November.

In anticipation of our month of gratitude, and to help get the thoughts flowing, here are five areas to consider. I am sure you can find innumerable things to be thankful for in each category!

  1. The Divine: Your Creator-the Originator of all good things; spiritual relationships with God and others; blessings.
  2. The Wonder of You: Your life; your physical body; mental, physical, and emotional abilities and talents.
  3. Relationships: Other people who touch our lives in ways large and small; family; friends; enemies.
  4. Things: Things we enjoy such as nature, food, shelter, pets, and other inventions that make our lives better.
  5. Experiences: Certain experiences and opportunities; precious moments in time; significant memories.

Just reading the list, my mind goes to many, many things for which I am thankful, and that is the purpose of the list. I hope this helps with beginning your journey of cultivating gratitude.

I will be documenting my gratitude on Project Life journaling cards and sharing my layouts weekly at Inspired Daily Life-Project Life. Leave a comment below to share how you are documenting your gratitude this season!


30 Days of Thankfulness


The month of November is arriving quickly, and November is a wonderful time of year to cultivate a better life. Scientists have found that those who cultivate thankfulness are happier, healthier, and more successful in relationships with others. At the bottom of this post, I have included some interesting research findings on the results of cultivating thankfulness.

Thankfulness has to be cultivated. For example, little children have to be taught to say “thank you.” Even as adults, we can be more appreciative of the things and people in our lives. In order to help cultivate thankfulness in my life, I am revving up to start a project that emphasizes thankfulness for the month of November. My plan is to record one thing I am thankful for each day through November.

Some friends and family have already agreed to join me; and this is such a grand idea, I am asking if you, also, would like to join in practicing thankfulness. There are many ways to record your gratitude: in a notebook/journal, on Twitter, Facebook, a blog, a journaling phone app, etc. I am going to use some journaling cards (pictured above), so that I can slip them into my Project Life scrapbook album.

It is important to record your thoughts, because it provides accountability to yourself. Many times our thoughts just flutter in and flutter out, so there is significant value in recording those thoughts and feelings in some way. Give it a try; you’ll see what I mean.

Don’t stress if you miss a day! The idea is to spend the whole month thinking more about how blessed you really are and to practice a lifestyle of thankfulness. Even if you forget or don’t discover our challenge until it is almost over, jump in any way! It is always the perfect time to cultivate thankfulness!

Will you join me in cultivating thankfulness in November? How are you going to record your thanks? Leave me a comment and share your plans.

I bought these great Becky Higgins journaling cards pictured above at Hobby Lobby that fit right into my Project Life scrapbook album. I will be recording my thanks on those and sharing the layout once a week. If you are interested in following those, I’m posting those on Inspired Daily Life—Project Life.



Science Proves Gratitude Improves Lives

1. In an experimental comparison, those who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week compared to those who recorded hassles or neutral life events (Emmons & McCullough, 2003).

2. A related benefit was observed in the realm of personal goal attainment: Participants who kept gratitude lists were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals (academic, interpersonal and health-based) over a two-month period compared to subjects in the other experimental conditions.

3. A daily gratitude intervention (self-guided exercises) with young adults resulted in higher reported levels of the positive states of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy compared to a focus on hassles or a downward social comparison (ways in which participants thought they were better off than others). There was no difference in levels of unpleasant emotions reported in the three groups.

4. Participants in the daily gratitude condition were more likely to report having helped someone with a personal problem or having offered emotional support to another, relative to the hassles or social comparison condition.

5. Well-Being: Grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and stress. The disposition toward gratitude appears to enhance pleasant feeling states more than it diminishes unpleasant emotions. Grateful people do not deny or ignore the negative aspects of life.

6. Pro-sociality: People with a strong disposition toward gratitude have the capacity to be empathic and to take the perspective of others. They are rated as more generous and more helpful by people in their social networks (McCullough, Emmons, & Tsang, 2002).

7. Children who practice grateful thinking have more positive attitudes toward school and their families (Froh, Sefick, & Emmons, 2008).

8. Spirituality: Those who regularly attend religious services and engage in religious activities such as prayer and reading religious material are more likely to be grateful. Grateful people are more likely to acknowledge a belief in the interconnectedness of all life and a commitment to and responsibility to others (McCullough et. al., 2002). Gratitude does not require religious faith, but faith enhances the ability to be grateful.

9. Materialism: Grateful individuals place less importance on material goods; they are less likely to judge their own and others success in terms of possessions accumulated; they are less envious of others; and are more likely to share their possessions with others relative to less grateful persons.

Research done by Robert A. Emmons, University of California, Davis- raemmons@ucdavis.edu, Michael E. McCullough, University of Miami-mikem@miami.edu, http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/labs/emmons/ – From the website http://www.30daysofgratitude.org/